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December 1, 2022



Class A C T F-1 F-2 F-3 529-A 529-C 529-E 529-T 529-F-1
Class 529-F-2 529-F-3 R-1 R-2 R-2E R-3 R-4 R-5E R-5 R-6  

Investment objective The fund’s investment objective is to provide you with long-term growth of capital.

Fees and expenses of the fund This table describes the fees and expenses that you may pay if you buy, hold and sell shares of the fund. You may pay other fees, such as brokerage commissions and other fees to financial intermediaries, which are not reflected in the tables and examples below. For example, in addition to the fees and expenses described below, you may also be required to pay brokerage commissions on purchases and sales of Class F-2, F-3, 529-F-2 or 529-F-3 shares of the fund. You may qualify for sales charge discounts if you and your family invest, or agree to invest in the future, at least $25,000 in American Funds. More information about these and other discounts is available from your financial professional, in the “Sales charge reductions and waivers” sections on page 31 of the prospectus and on page 71 of the fund’s statement of additional information, and in the sales charge waiver appendix to the prospectus.

Shareholder fees (fees paid directly from your investment)
Share class: A 529-A C and
529-E T and
All F and 529-F share classes All R
Maximum sales charge (load) imposed on purchases (as a percentage of offering price) 5.75% 3.50% none none 2.50% none none
Maximum deferred sales charge (load) (as a percentage of the amount redeemed) 1.00* 1.00* 1.00% none none none none
Maximum sales charge (load) imposed on reinvested dividends none none none none none none none
Redemption or exchange fees none none none none none none none
Before you invest, you may want to review the fund’s prospectus and statement of additional information, which contain more information about the fund and its risks. You can find the fund’s prospectus, statement of additional information, reports to shareholders and other information about the fund online at You can also get this information at no cost by calling (800) 421-4225 or by sending an email request to The current prospectus and statement of additional information, dated December 1, 2022, are incorporated by reference into this summary prospectus.



Annual fund operating expenses (expenses that you pay each year as a percentage of the value of your investment)
Share class: A C T F-1 F-2 F-3 529-A
Management fees 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37%
Distribution and/or service (12b-1) fees 0.24 1.00 0.25 0.25  none  none 0.23
Other expenses 0.11 0.10 0.11 0.16 0.15 0.04 0.16
Total annual fund operating expenses 0.72 1.47 0.73 0.78 0.52 0.41 0.76
Share class: 529-C 529-E 529-T 529-F-1 529-F-2 529-F-3 R-1
Management fees 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37%
Distribution and/or service (12b-1) fees 1.00 0.50 0.25 0.25  none  none 1.00
Other expenses 0.16 0.13 0.16 0.23 0.14 0.10 0.13
Total annual fund operating expenses 1.53 1.00 0.78 0.85 0.51 0.47 1.50
Share class: R-2 R-2E R-3 R-4 R-5E R-5 R-6
Management fees 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37% 0.37%
Distribution and/or service (12b-1) fees 0.75 0.60 0.50 0.25  none  none  none
Other expenses 0.39 0.24 0.19 0.14 0.20 0.09 0.04
Total annual fund operating expenses 1.51 1.21 1.06 0.76 0.57 0.46 0.41

* A contingent deferred sales charge of 1.00% applies on certain redemptions made within 18 months following purchases of $1 million or more made without an initial sales charge. Contingent deferred sales charge is calculated based on the lesser of the offering price and market value of shares being sold.

Example This example is intended to help you compare the cost of investing in the fund with the cost of investing in other mutual funds.

The example assumes that you invest $10,000 in the fund for the time periods indicated and then redeem all of your shares at the end of those periods. The example also assumes that your investment has a 5% return each year and that the fund’s operating expenses remain the same. You may be required to pay brokerage commissions on your purchases and sales of Class F-2, F-3, 529-F-2 or 529-F-3 shares of the fund, which are not reflected in the example. Although your actual costs may be higher or lower, based on these assumptions your costs would be:

Share class: A C T F-1 F-2 F-3 529-A 529-C 529-E 529-T 529-F-1 529-F-2 529-F-3 R-1
1 year $644 $250 $323 $80 $53 $42 $425 $256 $102 $328 $87 $52 $48 $153
3 years 792 465 478 249 167 132 584 483 318 493 271 164 151 474
5 years 953 803 646 433 291 230 758 834 552 672 471 285 263 818
10 years 1,418 1,554 1,134 966 653 518 1,259 1,335 1,225 1,192 1,049 640 591 1,791
Share class: R-2 R-2E R-3 R-4 R-5E R-5 R-6 For the share classes listed to the right, you would pay the following if you did not redeem your shares: Share class: C 529-C
1 year $154 $123 $108 $78 $58 $47 $42 1 year $150 $156
3 years 477 384 337 243 183 148 132 3 years 465 483
5 years 824 665 585 422 318 258 230 5 years 803 834
10 years 1,802 1,466 1,294 942 714 579 518 10 years 1,554 1,335

Portfolio turnover The fund pays transaction costs, such as commissions, when it buys and sells securities (or “turns over” its portfolio). A higher portfolio turnover rate may indicate higher transaction costs and may result in higher taxes when fund shares are held in a taxable account. These costs, which are not reflected in annual fund operating expenses or in the example, affect the fund’s investment results. During the most recent fiscal year, the fund’s portfolio turnover rate was 21% of the average value of its portfolio.

Principal investment strategies The fund seeks to take advantage of investment opportunities generated by changes in international trade patterns and economic and

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political relationships by investing in common stocks of companies located around the world.

In pursuing its investment objective, the fund invests primarily in common stocks that the investment adviser believes have the potential for growth.

The investment adviser uses a system of multiple portfolio managers in managing the fund’s assets. Under this approach, the portfolio of the fund is divided into segments managed by individual managers.

The fund relies on the professional judgment of its investment adviser to make decisions about the fund’s portfolio investments. The basic investment philosophy of the investment adviser is to seek to invest in attractively valued companies that, in its opinion, represent good, long-term investment opportunities. Securities may be sold when the investment adviser believes that they no longer represent relatively attractive investment opportunities.

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Principal risks This section describes the principal risks associated with investing in the fund. You may lose money by investing in the fund. The likelihood of loss may be greater if you invest for a shorter period of time. Investors in the fund should have a long-term perspective and be able to tolerate potentially sharp declines in value.

Market conditions — The prices of, and the income generated by, the securities held by the fund may decline – sometimes rapidly or unpredictably – due to various factors, including events or conditions affecting the general economy or particular industries or companies; overall market changes; local, regional or global political, social or economic instability; governmental, governmental agency or central bank responses to economic conditions; and currency exchange rate, interest rate and commodity price fluctuations.

Economies and financial markets throughout the world are highly interconnected. Economic, financial or political events, trading and tariff arrangements, wars, terrorism, cybersecurity events, natural disasters, public health emergencies (such as the spread of infectious disease) and other circumstances in one country or region, including actions taken by governmental or quasi-governmental authorities in response to any of the foregoing, could have impacts on global economies or markets. As a result, whether or not the fund invests in securities of issuers located in or with significant exposure to the countries affected, the value and liquidity of the fund’s investments may be negatively affected by developments in other countries and regions.

Issuer risks — The prices of, and the income generated by, securities held by the fund may decline in response to various factors directly related to the issuers of such securities, including reduced demand for an issuer’s goods or services, poor management performance, major litigation, investigations or other controversies related to the issuer, changes in financial condition or credit rating, changes in government regulations affecting the issuer or its competitive environment and strategic initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions or dispositions and the market response to any such initiatives.

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Investing in growth-oriented stocks — Growth-oriented common stocks and other equity-type securities (such as preferred stocks, convertible preferred stocks and convertible bonds) may involve larger price swings and greater potential for loss than other types of investments.

Investing outside the United States — Securities of issuers domiciled outside the United States, or with significant operations or revenues outside the United States, may lose value because of adverse political, social, economic or market developments (including social instability, regional conflicts, terrorism and war) in the countries or regions in which the issuers operate or generate revenue. These securities may also lose value due to changes in foreign currency exchange rates against the U.S. dollar and/or currencies of other countries. Issuers of these securities may be more susceptible to actions of foreign governments, such as nationalization, currency blockage or the imposition of price controls, sanctions, or punitive taxes, each of which could adversely impact the value of these securities. Securities markets in certain countries may be more volatile and/or less liquid than those in the United States. Investments outside the United States may also be subject to different regulatory, legal, accounting, auditing, financial reporting and recordkeeping requirements, and may be more difficult to value, than those in the United States. In addition, the value of investments outside the United States may be reduced by foreign taxes, including foreign withholding taxes on interest and dividends. Further, there may be increased risks of delayed settlement of securities purchased or sold by the fund, which could impact the liquidity of the fund’s portfolio. The risks of investing outside the United States may be heightened in connection with investments in emerging markets.

Management — The investment adviser to the fund actively manages the fund’s investments. Consequently, the fund is subject to the risk that the methods and analyses, including models, tools and data, employed by the investment adviser in this process may be flawed or incorrect and may not produce the desired results. This could cause the fund to lose value or its investment results to lag relevant benchmarks or other funds with similar objectives.

Your investment in the fund is not a bank deposit and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency, entity or person. You should consider how this fund fits into your overall investment program.

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Investment results The following bar chart shows how the fund’s investment results have varied from year to year, and the following table shows how the fund’s average annual total returns for various periods compare with a broad measure of securities market results. This information provides some indication of the risks of investing in the fund. Past investment results (before and after taxes) are not predictive of future investment results. Prior to October 30, 2020, certain fees, such as 12b-1 fees, were not charged on Class 529-F-1 shares. If these expenses had been deducted, results would have been lower. Updated information on the fund’s investment results can be obtained by visiting

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Average annual total returns For the periods ended December 31, 2021:
Share class Inception date 1 year 5 years 10 years Lifetime
F-2 − Before taxes 8/1/2008 17.98% 20.15% 15.69% 11.70%
− After taxes on distributions   16.02 18.56 14.35 N/A
− After taxes on distributions and sale of fund shares 11.96 16.07 12.86 N/A
Share classes (before taxes) Inception date 1 year 5 years 10 years Lifetime
A (with maximum sales charge) 3/13/1973 10.96% 18.49% 14.76% 12.64%
C 3/15/2001 15.84 18.98 14.71 9.76
F-1 3/15/2001 17.66 19.82 15.38 10.06
F-3 1/27/2017 18.10 N/A N/A 19.38
529-A (with maximum sales charge) 2/15/2002 13.58 18.98 14.95 10.64
529-C 2/15/2002 15.80 18.93 14.91 10.60
529-E 3/1/2002 17.42 19.56 15.09 10.44
529-F-1 9/17/2002 17.89 20.09 15.61 12.39
529-F-2 10/30/2020 17.95 N/A N/A 35.19
529-F-3 10/30/2020 18.04 N/A N/A 35.28
R-1 6/17/2002 16.84 18.97 14.54 10.31
R-2 5/21/2002 16.82 18.97 14.55 9.95
R-2E 8/29/2014 17.16 19.32 N/A 13.68
R-3 6/4/2002 17.34 19.50 15.06 10.63
R-4 5/28/2002 17.70 19.86 15.41 10.82
R-5E 11/20/2015 17.94 20.11 N/A 16.11
R-5 5/15/2002 18.06 20.22 15.76 11.12
R-6 5/1/2009 18.09 20.28 15.81 15.40
Indexes 1 year 5 years 10 years Lifetime
Class F-2
MSCI® All Country World Index (reflects no deductions for sales charges, account fees, expenses or U.S. federal income taxes) 18.54% 14.40% 11.85% 8.24%

After-tax returns are shown only for Class F-2 shares; after-tax returns for other share classes will vary. After-tax returns are calculated using the highest individual federal income tax rates in effect during each year of the periods shown and do not reflect the impact of state and local taxes. Your actual after-tax returns depend on your individual tax situation and likely will differ from the results shown above. In addition, after-tax returns are not relevant if you hold your fund shares through a tax-favored arrangement, such as a 401(k) plan, individual retirement account (IRA) or 529 college savings plan.

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Investment adviser Capital Research and Management Company
Portfolio managers The individuals primarily responsible for the portfolio management of the fund are:

Portfolio manager/
Fund title (if applicable)
in this fund
Primary title
with investment adviser
Joanna F. Jonsson Co-President and Trustee 17 years Partner – Capital World Investors
Robert W. Lovelace Co-President 22 years Partner – Capital International Investors
Barbara Burtin Senior Vice President 4 years Partner – Capital World Investors
Noriko Honda Chen Senior Vice President 10 years Partner – Capital International Investors
Patrice Collette Senior Vice President 4 years Partner – Capital World Investors
Brady L. Enright Senior Vice President 17 years Partner – Capital World Investors
Jonathan Knowles Senior Vice President 18 years Partner – Capital World Investors
Andraz Razen Senior Vice President 7 years Partner – Capital World Investors
Steven T. Watson Senior Vice President 17 years Partner – Capital International Investors

Purchase and sale of fund shares The minimum amount to establish an account for all share classes is normally $250 and the minimum to add to an account is $50. For a payroll deduction retirement plan account, payroll deduction savings plan account or employer-sponsored 529 account, the minimum is $25 to establish or add to an account. For accounts with Class F-3 shares held and serviced by the fund’s transfer agent, the minimum investment amount is $1 million.

If you are a retail investor, you may sell (redeem) shares on any business day through your dealer or financial professional or by writing to American Funds Service Company® at P.O. Box 6007, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6007; telephoning American Funds Service Company at (800) 421-4225; faxing American Funds Service Company at (888) 421-4351; or accessing our website at Please contact your plan administrator or recordkeeper to sell (redeem) shares from your retirement plan.

Tax information Dividends and capital gain distributions you receive from the fund are subject to federal income taxes and may also be subject to state and local taxes, unless you are tax-exempt or your account is tax-favored.

Payments to broker-dealers and other financial intermediaries If you purchase shares of the fund through a broker-dealer or other financial intermediary (such as a bank), the fund and the fund’s distributor or its affiliates may pay the intermediary for the sale of fund shares and related services. These payments may create a conflict of interest by influencing the broker-dealer or other intermediary and your individual financial professional to recommend the fund over another investment. Ask your individual financial professional or visit your financial intermediary’s website for more information.

You can access the fund’s statutory prospectus or SAI at
Litho in USA CGD/CF/8016
Investment Company File No. 811-02333