X0405 TA-1/A 0001146068 XXXXXXXX 084-05915 false LIVE SEC OLYMPIA TRUST CO /TA 333765 Suite 4000, 520 - 3rd Ave SW Calgary A0 T2P 0R3 Y PO Box 128, STN M Calgary A0 T2P 2H6 403-261-0900 Y Suite 1900, 925 West Georgia Street Vancouver A1 V6C 3L2 N Y Equity Stock Transfer LLC 084-06453 237 W 37th St Suite 602 New York NY 11018 N Corporation CRAIG SKAUGE 06/12/2008 CEO, PRESIDENT & DIRECTOR NA true GERHARD BARNARD 11/15/2007 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER NA true 09/30/2022 DEAN NAUGLER 09/20/2018 VP, CORPORATE & SHAREHOLDER SERVICES NA true BRIAN NEWMAN 06/07/2004 DIRECTOR NA true ANDREA GILLIS 09/25/2017 DIRECTOR NA true Philip A. du Heaume 06/17/2021 DIRECTOR NA true DIANA WOLFE 02/23/2017 DIRECTOR NA true 06/20/2022 GERARD JANSSEN 06/17/2010 DIRECTOR NA true BILL MAURIN 10/26/2021 DIRECTOR NA true 11/17/2021 PAUL KELLY 06/20/2022 DIRECTOR NA true TONY BALASUBRAMANIAN 06/20/2022 DIRECTOR NA true JENNIFER URSCHELER 10/01/2022 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER NA true Y OLYMPIA FINANCIAL GROUP INC. OLYMPIA TRUST COMPANY IS WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF OLYMPIA FINANCIAL GROUP INC. OLYMPIA FINANCIAL GROUP INC. IS A PUBLIC CORPORATION ON THE TSX EXCHANGE (SYMBOL: OLY) N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N /s/ Dean Naugler 403-261-7522 VP, CORPORATE & SHAREHOLDER SERVICES 12/06/2022