Revenue (Policies)
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2024
Revenue [Abstract]  
Revenue Recognition, Policy
Revenue is recognized based on the transfer of control or our customers' ability to benefit from our services and products in an amount that reflects the consideration we expect to receive in exchange for those services and products. Most of our service and product contracts are short-term in nature. In recognizing revenue for our services and products, we determine the transaction price of purchase orders or contracts with our customers, which may consist of fixed and variable consideration. We also assess our customers' ability and intention to pay, which is based on a variety of factors, including our historical payment experience with, and the financial condition of, our customers. Payment terms and conditions vary by contract type, although terms generally include a requirement of payment within 20 to 60 days. Other judgments involved in recognizing revenue include an assessment of progress towards completion of performance obligations for certain long-term contracts, which involve estimating total costs to determine our progress towards contract completion and calculating the corresponding amount of revenue to recognize.